Happy Spring – Outfit highlights

Since I’m really excited about this season, let me show you my spring fashion highlights and how to combine them.


Fringes! I’ll really go for a “fringy” bag or a pair of shoes, since they look so cool with jeans and a simple t-shirt. Here some inspiration, bags or shoes – they look great with a tan and some boho jewelry!


Prints! Aren’t those floral print skirts just beautiful? They look great in the evening for a nice dinner, paired with nude high heels or classy ballerinas. Just make sure that they suit your body length, means: Short girls should go for a shorter skirt, not too round and paired with high heels. Taller girls can go for a longer skirt, it’ll look great as a midi-length. Paired with ballerinas (or general flats) you’ll look super cute! 🙂


Boho-Dresses! The wind is blowing, it’s really warm and you’re strolling around in the city with you boho dress – paradise! They look really good with a nice tan and boho hair (use a beachy hair spray with salt, it’ll make your hair look like you’re coming from the beach and just sipped a nice caipirinha 😉 These dresses are made for tall and short girls, they look great with a nice boho bag (or with fringes!) and paired with sandals you’ll look like a beach-queen!


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