Summer can come – All about sunprotection

Isn’t it amazing when the sun is shining more?! Everyone’s happy, you can swim in the lake and get really tan (and sexy…). But be careful! Sunrays can harm you! Here are some tips on how to protect your skin, your hair and how to get tan before summer’s here.

Our skin is divided into three sections: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous. It’s the biggest organ we own and also the most forgotten! The Melanom, also called black skincancer, is very popular all over the world just because we don’t protect our skin enough. If you’ve had a lot sunburns in your childhood, many birthmarks on your body and have light skin (skintype 1 to 3) you should use always use sunscreen when you’re going out. Since we only apply a little of the sun protection make sure you’re using a high protection (25+ and more).

So here we go, my tips for sun protection!
First of all some information about my personal skin situation. I’m a skin type 2, means I have light hair, light skin and light eyes (but not red hair). My skin is very dry and sensitive so I never use any lotion with perfume and alcohol. I have a large amout of birthmarks all over my body, mostly on my arms and that’s why I go to see a dermatologist every 6 months. I really suggest this visit to everyone, since we all don’t want skin cancer?!

 I always use sun screen on my face, either in my makeup or just as a cream. Most high end products have SPF (sun screen) and that’s why I love my Dior Star Teint Studio Foundation! It has a SPF of 30 and is very long wearing too. On hot summer days I don’t use makeup, so I just apply some sun screen. I use the Lavera Bio cosmetics sun sensitive protection number 30. It’s natural, smells really good and also gives me very soft skin. So always always always make sure that you’re applying sun screen in the morning – you’ll thank me when you’re 50 and look better than the rest that didn’t use it.

Also for my body I use sun protection by Piz Buin, I don’t know if you can get it in your country but it’s a simple Tan & Protect cream of number 30. It enhances tanning and moistures (and of course it smells really good too….)

Before I go out tanning for the first time I make sure that I don’t look like a swiss cheese (nothing worser than that). I went for the Sublime Bronze Self Tanner by L’Oréal. I did some research and found out that it gives a very intense tan in 4 hours with only a few lines. It works very well on my skin too so thumbs up for that!

If you have coloured or light hair also make sure to protect it! Sunrays dry out your hair really quickly. Go for a spray or simply ask your hairdresser since they have the best products!

Now you’re all ready for the sun and summer! Enjoy and always take care of your skin – you only have one!

xxo d.b.


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