#OpusLuxeGoesFit – N°2: Green Smoothies

“Oh, tomorrow I’ll eat salad” – “Only one cookie.. only one!” Boom! whole package gone. We all know it, heavy breakouts in the face, red dots everywhere, stomach is bloated and big – you ate junk food!

I personally love junk food! Yes I do, I like Cheeseburgers and I am a Coke Zero lover, but I really to try not to eat it as often as I’d like to. During a stressy time I tend to eat sandwiches and go get something (quick of course) at the market. I go to McDonalds or eat a Curry Wurst (yes I love love love it). At the end I have very bad skin and I feel uncomfortable. When this happens, it’s time for Detoxing! I do lots of sports (as you can see from my last fitness post) and I only eat healthy, I drink green smoothies and cook spicy to get out the toxines of my body. My tricks? Let me show you!

I love drinking fresh smoothies, they’re the healthiest thing you can get at the market: fresh bananas, apples, peaches and so on, vegetables like spinach or khale, herbs for example mint and coconut water. Just cut everything up and mix it together with a blender – enjoy as soon as possible! You shouldn’t keep it in the fridge for hours, since the vitamines will get ineffective. I always drink one in the morning or in the evening, in front of the tv. You won’t eat the cookies anymore, since the sugar in your smoothie is sweet enough 😉

So here a simple recipe (from this great website) for your first green smoothie! I love it!



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