#OpusLuxeGoesFit! – New series! First post: The Outfit!

So since I uploaded a picture of me after my workout on Instagram and gained a few likes, I thought I’d make a fitness-inspiration series on my blog. I am usually a very very lazy person when it’s about working out, doing sports and eating healthy. But last year I realized, that I feel very guilty about what I am doing to my body. No sports, eating unhealthy and drinking alcohol from time to time. I knew that I have to change something about my attitude, about the way I treat myself. I started doing Polefitness in Zurich, but I didn’t like it as much as I did in the beginning. It was just too hard for me to lift myself up on that pole without having muscles (I am naturally a very petite woman, without muscles and not much strength) and I didn’t have enough time to practice it as much as I wanted.

So I followed the flow and checked out a few gym’s, at the end I found one that I like. Let me tell you something: I am very very very touchy about gym’s! I only want to work out at the studios, that are very clean and hygienic! I found one (Activ Fitness) and I found my permanent place to stay in Zurich.

When I first started, I only did cardio exercises and no strenght. But then I tried out the machines and they worked out very well for me. I usually do about 15min on the Crosstrainer, 20min on the Stepper and then 20min strenght on the machines. I saw some success after a few times: my booty was tighter and toned, my stomach didn’t blow up as much as it used to and the thing that I loved the most was, that I felt better about myself and I was happier and less stressed.

I’d love to share my way of going fit and healthy with you and I am definitely going to post lots of pictures on Instagram with the Hashtag #OpusLuxeGoesFit – check it out from time to time! 

So here the first inspiration: My outfit!

I always wear my Nike Pro Hypercool Tights / Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve Shirt (not available anymore) / Nike Free Run 3+ in Pink & Grey (not available anymore)




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