Kenzo featuring Prada!

Hello there Lovelies, I am now finally an owner of the KENZO Tiger Sweatshirt in a lovely dark blue. I wanted to get one for sooo long, found a “fake” one i London a year ago, but fake just isn’t the same.. So since the National Bank of Switzerland doesn’t support the EUR/CHF exchange rate anymore, most shops in Zurich had to put 20% off on all the products. I saw the sweater one week ago & liked it, but I wasn’t sure.. I waited until today and now I got it! It fits me very good, it falls out very very small tho (I usually wear a XS or S in sweaters and in this one I had to choose the M-Size!!). It’s very warm & combined with my new shoes (can’t get enough of shoes..) it looks fabulous!

I saw these gorgeous high top sneakers spontanous at the Prada Shop in Zurich and fell in love! They look very cool but still elegant & comfortable – a good choice! + it’s my first item I got at Prada’s! 🙂

I decided to wear the sweater with a dark blue shirt from Zara and my new shoes – I bet it’ll look very very cool! So here we go.. the new babies 🙂




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