Chanel Cruise 2015 – Espadrilles

Hello Lovelies ♡ Great news! Do you remember that I’ve always wanted a pair Chanel Espadrilles from the last years cruise collection? Since I was too late and they didn’t have any left, the lady at the Chanel store in Zurich told me that I should check in October and November, they’ll get the new collection. So I did and she could put a pair aside that I wanted: The Chanel Espadrille with Camellia studs! I got them and I am super super happy with my choice! They fall out a little smaller than the actual size is, but hey, it’s Chanel?! 😉 Aren’t they lovely? I can’t wait to wear ‘em! Also they look great with my lovely Boy! ♡ Oh Chanel…… 





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