My Beauty Secrets – Argan oil!

Wonderful Sunday evening everyone! 🙂 On Friday I got an Instagram message from the Annabelle Magazine that I won a beauty box for sharing my beauty secret with them! I am so happy and can’t wait to get it! 

Now that I shared my secret with Annabelle, I want to share my beauty secret with my friends: with you, my dear readers! If you try something out, message me how it worked! 

I won the contest with my favourite thing ever: Argan Oil! Argan oil is so luxurious and great! You can literally use it for everything: your nails, your hair, your face or some other dry parts of your body. I discovered Argan oil in Agadir, Marrocco, last year! I fell in love with Marrocco and the beauty treatments of marroccan women. They use Argan oil for everything and so we visited a berber village in the Atlas mountains. They produce the oil from the Argan tree (full description) and sell it in a womens cooperative network. 

This is the beauty Argan oil from Immouzer, a berber village in the mountains. The woman who showed me around, actually showed me parts of her hair (she wore a headscarf) and wow! Dark shiny hair, no spliss and not dry. She sold me this Argan oil with the smell of jasmine – I feel like a goddess! You may wonder why it’s still full: you literally only need a tiny little bit (maybe the size of a pea) for hair, nails and face! Amazing, isn’t it??

The Argan oil to use for food, tastes very very good! It’s very healthy and nourishes the body from inside. Your hair & skin will glow! The oil for food is darker, since they roast it longer. 

The production of Argan oil, please excuse the bad quality of the photo. It’s made by marroccan women, who get the whole profit of the oil that gets sold. 

BUT! If you buy Argan oil in Switzerland or somewhere else than Marrocco be careful. Most of the time the oil is not pure and there’s only certain pieces of it in the product. Argan oil is very expensive here in Europe, check the ingredients first before buying! Here’s a website for information about buying it (it’s in German). 

Have fun trying! 



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