SI Style – Style im Seefeld

I was at the „Style im Seefeld“ Event in Zurich. The concept is easy: a Swiss Style, Fashion & Lifestyle magazine, SI Style, organized an event for all little stores and shops in the trendy side of Zurich, the Seefeld.

I went to the event with my friend Julia and made good new contacts with different people in the business. First we checked the store N°2, a lovely boutique with big names like Givenchy. Their dresses were absolutely amazing and everyone was so friendly and inviting. The store is a little bit hidden, but if you find it, you’ll be surprised about how big the whole concept is! There’s a Café, a fashion boutique, a children shop (with so many lovely and cute things for kids) and an art garage next to it. 

After N°2 we checked out the new Vestibule shop, a beautiful store with AMAZING brands! I fell in love with one of their Sonja by Sonja Rykiel coats, simply stunning!

I really loved the concept store Monadico, a little boutique, filled with so many pretty and useful things! You can literally find anything in there, from stylish cooking skirts to luxurious face creams: nothing’s impossible. Julia and I saw a beautiful bag by Versa Versa, an amazing idea: you basically buy the outside of the bag, it comes as a clutch or as a tote bag, then you choose the outside of it (the part you close it with) and it comes with a zipper. So you zip these two parts together and get a unique bag. The outsides are available in different colors and fabrics (from fur to snake leather) and removable. Monadico is the first store that distributes Versa Versa, so you better run for one! They are perfect for holidays: you bring your tote and your clutch with you and maybe 4 outsides – Voilà a different bag for every day & outfit. Also on the picture below you can spot my personal favie of Monadico’s jewelry: the beautiful necklace by Hasenfrisch. Isn’t it stunning??

Stunning as well, was the outstanding store Modestrom, a very unique shop with beautiful pieces by designers like Nina Ricci. I saw a beautiful dress that reminded me so much of fairies and princesses. The owner of Modestrom was very inviting and nice to us. Also Modestrom has beautiful jewelry by Atelier McDaniel, a Swiss brand with beautiful beach-stylish bracelets available in all colors.

All these shops are really worth a visit, little boutiques or stylish stores – all filled with so much love and passion for fashion, lifestyle and art! On Saturday I could go take pictures at Monadico, Modestrom and N°2, everyone was so lovely to me – I feel very blessed and lucky to meet such amazing people! 



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