Petit Laszlo Zurich – Review

By the end of August I visited the Music Festival Zurich 2014 and enjoyed all the great bands and the atmosphere. I already participated the Festival in St.Gallen 2012, which is mainly an alternative festival. I loved all the acts (Florence and the Machine, Paolo Nutini, Deadmau5 etc.) but really hated sleeping there! The young men there were drunk and fell into our tent, I hated the feeling of not showering (there were only about 100 showers for 110’000 people, so I didn’t shower…) and the heat just killed us. So this year we (my best friend Aleks and me) decided to visit the Zurich Openair!

The atmosphere was amazing, everyone (except for a few dorks) was so friendly and helpful, there was some alcohol but no one stumbling around. A beautiful festival with one of my highlights: PETIT LASZLO ZURICH! Me and my friend were strolling around the little shop area, when I spotted the brand. I thought: hey I know them! I am a follower of Petit Laszlo Zurich’s Instagram account and already fell in love with some of their pieces. I had the pleasure to meet the designer & manager Judit and her beautiful (and pregnant, so she was literally glowing from beauty) model. Since we all share the love for fashion & beauty we had a long chat. I fell in love with the two pieces below, a square shaped golden ring and a beautiful necklace with a golden apple charm attached to. (more pictures follow on the next posts)

The jewelry is very delicate and simple, beautiful and the apple reminds me of Snow White, so I fell in love with the playfulness of Petit Laszlo’s jewelry! I can highly recommend this jewelry, since it’s made in Switzerland and the passion and love is visible through the items. I am in love with my new pieces, they remind me of a beautiful weekend, filled with so much fun and joy! That’s how jewelry is supposed to bring up in us, good memories of beautiful moments we shared with our loved ones.



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