“It’s the shoe that carries a woman” – Christian Louboutin

There is nothing I love more, than getting something I wished for so long: a pair of Louboutin’s! Now since I wasn’t doing too good the last few weeks, I thought about getting the long desired item. 

I chose the Ditassima Model in a patent nude! Now since this is a limited FW14 shoe, I decided to get it, even if it’s more expensive than the normal classic CL pump. Why? Because I can get a simple pump or a Fifi whenever I want, but the seasonal shoes are limited. 


The team at Christian Louboutin in Zurich was so so nice and lovely. I love the fact, that in those shops the team treats you like a friend and a customer! I could walk around in those for 20 minutes and choose wisely which model i wanted. I had to choose between the Simple Pump in a patent nude and this wonderful piece of art: 


Now do you understand, why a pair of shoes can change a girls life? I am so in love with those shoes! They are very feminine,classy and even if they’re 120mm high they’re sexy but not sleazy! I hate seeing young women with cheap high heels, don’t get me wrong: a shoe doesn’t have to be expensive to be classy and elegant! But a woman could choose a good pair over 50 cheap pairs, couldn’t she? 


Now aren’t those shoes just wonderful? I will wear them a few times and when the sole is a little bit worn off, I’ll bring them back to their family, to Christian Louboutin in Paris, and they’ll put a plastic sole on. 


But what’s in the small bag? This secret will be revealed soon on OPUS-LUXE! 



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