Dear Santa, start saving your money for my Wishlist

So every woman has a cravelist. A wishlist she has had for many many years and always wanted that one IT piece, the one classy thing that’s never never never out of fashion. 

My cravelist is small, but expensive! And since I didn’t save enough, I’m just gonna wish for it!

Voilà, the list: 

The Birkin

A Hermès Birkin bag is just like a good pair of loafers or a trenchcoat: it’s THE essential! It’s the most expensive bag a woman can have and girls, you can wear a pair of jeans, simple loafers and a white basic shirt and this bag: you’ll look fabulous! Jane had it, Victoria has it and I want it!

The Rockstud

When I saw the VALENTINO Ruckstud’s the first time in Milan, I thought: Who the hell is going to wear them?! I didn’t like the shape, the heel was too thin and it just didn’t look beautiful to me! But the more I thought about them, the more I saw them on famous bloggers, the more I learned to love them! And now I want them..

The Tweed

When I saw this beautiful CHANEL Eyewear advertisement with Alice Dellal, I thought: The glasses – YES! The Tweed jacket?! Double YES! A tweed jacket by CHANEL is like a Hermès Birkin: It’s timeless! And isn’t this model just beautiful?! I tried to find a better picture, but I actually adore the whole scenery with Alice! Well done, Karl. 


Here I come up with something, that probably every Fashionista wishes for: the Love Bracelet by Cartier! Simple, elegant, timeless, beautiful – a gift from a boyfriend, a fiance or a husband – WANT!!!!

Now since you know about my wishlist, tell me what you wish for! 



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