Holy-Days – Amsterdam

So I was in Amsterdam for the last 6 days and absolutely enjoyed it! If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam before, you know that this city is absolutely charming to the end! There are so many little canals in between the streets and everyone is very friendly. 

The typical citizen of Amsterdam is very relaxed and open minded. The city has a very famous red light district, where the prostitutes present themselves in little windows, so men can literally go windowshopping! 

My friend Aleks and me rented a little apartment in the Amstel Station district, which was a very calm and handy district with a supermarket right near our apartment. When we first came into our new home, we both fell in love! This flat was absolutely charming and adorable, we almost couldn’t handle it! 


On our first day we decided to go check out the city and go shopping! And oh yes we did!! I will post a haul post in a few days, so keep up. 

But for now a few impressions from Amsterdam: 


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