Logic or not logic, that’s the question – a personal analysis

Carrie Bradshaw said: “It wasn’t logic, it was love.”, and today I’d like to analyze this quote. Is love logic? Is it just what it is? Should we accept it and just move on, live the moment with a person and not think about tomorrow? A personal post about my daily thoughts! 

I am going to tell you something. I have made mistakes in my life, I’ve made things that were stupid and odd, things that we’re typical for a young woman to do. I fell in love with strangers, loved on distance, hurt vulnerable people and cried a hundred times. But you know what? I would do everything the same way again! It was love and it felt good, I didn’t think and enjoyed the moment I had and most of all: I made memories! Memories, that I’ll hopefully tell my kids someday and say: “you know, sometimes you just gotta do what your heart says and not think about tomorrow!”. But recently I am thinking a lot about tomorrow. I make relationships with people that I like, I think about my future as a journalist or a blogger, I dream about a family like in a picture book and I think logic! Yes, right now I do! I try to think logic and analyze about what’s the best for me and my soul! I think about who’s not gonna hurt me and which relationship is not gonna be a huge fight because I am tired and sick of fighting just for having a good time. So yes, the life I am having right now and the relationships I made are built up on a logic way. I am not calculating and I never use people, but I am building up relationships that are even having a future! Why should I be complicated about what I want? I am not going to live 500 years and I want to have a good life, filled with beautiful moments and someone next to me, that guarantees me to be with me. I am not asking for a Prince Charming nor for a Christian Grey, all I want is someone who enjoys life itself as a moment! I am having relationships with people, that love their life! They love their daily defiances, like what they’re doing and dream about the same things as I do.

& that’s nature’s way of logic in our life. I choose wisely and enjoy what I have and dream about things, that actually come true someday.

Dear Carrie, it was logic and it was actually love too! 



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