Chanel Paris-Dallas 2013/2014 Métiers d’Art – LOVE OH LOVE

Two weeks ago I got myself the new VOGUE issue of june. I opened it and BOOM! KStew for CHANEL! And oh my she looks amazing! I am a huge fan of Kristen, so she really deserves being in such an amazing campaign like CHANEL photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Don’t miss the video here

Also the Ready-to-wear collection by CHANEL is absolutely stunning. The looks are inspired by the old wild western and dark colours such as white lace and items for men. 

Here some of my favourites: 

But my fav fav fav item of the new collection is my biggest craving at the moment: THE BOY!

How amazing is that bag?! Not that the classical BOY is boring, nono it’s my dreambag, but how gorgeous is this design? Absolutely in love! 



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