Daily Make Up routine – inspiration

So since I am a huge fan of high end make up and always wear some (not tons, but a simple touch of some exclusive foundation and so on) I decided to do an inspirational post about my personal make up essentials I use everyday! I didn’t do the eye make up, because I decide from day to day if I go nude, smokey eyed or use eyeliner. 

1. First I always go for MAC’s MINERALIZE Moisture Foundation! It’s very silky and doesn’t stick! It’s covering, but not heavy at all. I apply it with the MAC 130 brush, perfect for liquid foundation. I only use brushes, because I don’t like using my fingers. 

2. To finish off my foundation, I go for MAC’s MINERALIZE Skinfinish in the shade LIGHT, the same shade as the MAC foundation. It finishes everything off and the result is just flawless! Again I use a brush, I use the URBAN DECAY Powder brush I recently got at Sephora in Milan.  

3. Usually I go for Benefit’s Rockateur Blush, which is a beautiful colour for summer & winter! + Isn’t that packaging just cute?! In the summer I sometimes choose a little bit of Some Kind A Gorgeous Medium Foundation, but only if my face is supposed to look tan. 

4. I don’t always wear lipstick or lipgloss, but when I do, I wear MAC’s VIVA GLAM BY LADY GAGA in the shade A60 Viva Flam Cyndi Lustre. I love that colour, because it gives such a beautiful contour.

MAC is available in Zurich at Jelmoli, Manor and many high end shops too. Benefit & URBAN DECY aren’t available in Zurich, but in any Sephora in France or Italy. 



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