Céline oh Céline…

When I was in Milan, I finally got my dreambag I wished for so so long! My grandma got it for me at La Rinascente, Milan’s biggest and most exclusive high end shop with 6 floors. You can purchase all the beautiful bags from Chloé, Balenciaga, Gucci, LV, Miu Miu, Céline, Burberry and many many more! 

So when I got my Céline I started crying.. that’s how happy I was. We purchased it in Euro, so I don’t know if the price was actually cheaper or more expensive, but I can tell that most luxury brands are the same price all over the world. It is the Céline Luggage Mini in a black rough leather. 

So here some pictures of my baby: 


I really take care of my bag, so I always wrap it in the little bag it came with. I’m thinking of making a pillow with that bag. Message me if you think it’d be a good idea! 


So that’s her 🙂 I keep calling my bag “her” cuz it’s a bag called Céline and it’s so pretty, so she’s my girl… 



I love my See by Chloé keychain I got in Zurich one week ago. I got it at Grieder G-Point. It was not expensive at all and I love putting it on my bags. 

So after all, my bag was expensive – but it was worth it! It’s a timeless item and the leather is beautiful, but very vulnerable.

Céline bags are available in all Céline stores and high end fashion shops. In Zurich they are available at Trois Pommes. For all other countries go have a look at the VOGUE Labelfinder.



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