New Zara in Zurich – review 2014

The first step in the brand new Zara in Zurich was just breathtaking! The old Bally house at the Bahnhofstrasse was rebuilt for a few months and the swiss workers associaton had many problems with Zara Spain, because they did wage dumping against the workers, that built the new palace of fashion in the heart of Zurich. 

That problem delayed the opening of the store for two weeks. 

But after all, the new Zara flagship store in Zurich is amazing! Five floors for women – a paradise for every Fashionista. On the lowest floor you can find Trafaluc, the denim collection by Zara. The other four floors are dedicated to business outfits and daily fashionable pieces and accessories that are more special than the rest. 

Here you can see the third floor with it’s new collection by Zara:

After all, the new Zara flagship store is huge and it’s actually good like that. No matter how many people are in there, it’s not crowded at all. It’s a feeling of a huge high end store.

Here are some favs of the new collection: 

I could describe the whole store to you – but I won’t deprive you of the experience of exploring this amazing flagship store. 



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